Video: Tamiya Nissan GT-R Model Kit Build Part 1 - The Body | CompetitionX
Friday , 15 October 2021

Video: Tamiya Nissan GT-R Model Kit Build Part 1 – The Body | CompetitionX

Video: Tamiya Nissan GT-R Model Kit Build Part 1 - The Body | CompetitionX

Welcome to Part 1 of the Tamiya Nissan GT-R Model Kit build. In this video, we’ll be going over the prep, painting and detailing of the body all the way to applying the final clear coat.

The entire process was quite easy other than the masking and detailing of the engine – it was a little more tricky than I anticipated. Take your time and you’ll get it figured out!

Before we start building, here are some specifics about the kit and the paints and tools we’ll be using.

Product: Tamiya Nissan GT-R
Part #: 24300
Price: $72.00
Paints Used in This Video
• 87044 Tamiya Surface Primer L – White
• 85045 Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White
• 85038 Tamiya TS-38 Gunmetal
• 85029 Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black
• 85013 Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear
Tools Used in This Video
• 69923 Tamiya Modeler’s Side Cutter
• 87056 Tamiya Finishing Abrasives P800
• 87038 Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement
• 74522 Tamiya Spray Painting Stand
• 87031 Tamiya 10mm Masking Tape
• 87032 Tamiya 18mm Masking Tape
• Flex-I-File Sanding Sticks
• Micro Trader Airbrush Parts Holders
• Sharpie King Size Chisel Tip

On to the build!

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