Cow RC Carbon Series Mini 4WD Work Mat | CompetitionX

Cow RC Carbon Series Mini 4WD Work Mat | CompetitionX

We’ve been doing alot of Mini 4WD racing over the past couple of months and one of the biggest things we’ve been having ‘issues’ with is the teeny tiny parts. They seem to roll everywhere, especially if your workspace is not level – as is the case both at work and at the track.

Quick Stats
Product: Cow RC Carbon Series Mini 4WD Work Mat
Part #: CPP-M12012396
Scale: n/a
Price: $40.48
Build Type: n/a

So, to remedy that, we hit up Cow RC and inquired about their mat solutions. We use them exclusively with ALL of or RC builds, videos, etc, and thought one of these just might work out well with our Mini 4WD cars (and builds. And maintenance.)

We picked up the 12″x16″ Carbon Series Screw Catcher with a magnetic insert and, let us tell you, this has made a HUGE difference! There’s plenty of space for your car(s) to work on and the 12 pockets are perfect for dropping screws, spacers, bearings or rollers in while working. This has literally become my favorite Mini 4WD tool!

Cow RC has a ton of different options to choose from as well as some other helpful products (sprays, oils, etc) for Mini 4WD use. Go check it out!!!

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