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Forza Motorsport Racing Tips

Forza Motorsport 2 Tips

There are several tips we can offer that will help you win races both online and off. Most are from experience (outside of the game) and others are from playing Forza online.

Drive Smart
A race is NEVER won in the first corner, so going full speed and TRYING to pass everyone to the first turn is a bad idea. Back off a bit…let the other guys bash it out, then make your smooth turn and go for it!

Driver Assists
The Suggested Line is good for beginners, but you need to be able to see around you on the track, both in the mirror and to the sides. Using a suggested line tends to make you focus on that and not what’s happening around you.

– TCS (Traction Control) and STM (Stability Management) are both good for learning the tracks, and learning the game. Once you are confortable with your driving, turn these off. This will help you in two ways: 1) When tuning your car, you will be able to ‘feel’ what the car is doing, and what your changes do…not being masked by the assists, and 2) It will teach you to be SMOOTH! Smooth driving is key in this game for fast lap times. Roll on the gas (don’t stab the accelerator), roll on the brakes. Try it…and watch your lap times drop!

– ABS (Anti-Lock Braking). I would suggest leaving ABS on until you’ve REALLY gained some experience. Controlling the brakes without it can give some FAST laps, but sometimes inconsistent.

Consistency is also key in this game. A SUPER fast lap time is nothing if you crash 10 other times! Tune your car to be easy and consistent to drive. The lap times might be slightly slower, but if you can hit the same lap (or a second or so off) you have a much better chance of winning a race!

Drive From The REAR Of The Car (not the view, but the style)
I know what you’re thinking…”HUH!?!?!?” It’s simple. Drive from whatever ‘view’ you like, but drive ALWAYS looking behind you. This is another key point to the game. For example; you’ll start slowing down in your braking zone, but the guy behind you won’t. Guess what; he slams into you and sends you off the track. Happens ALL the time…BUT, if you were looking in the mirror and driving from the REAR of the car, you would have seen this coming. Avoidance actions range from pulling off the line (and letting him fly by you and off the track by himself), stop braking and make the turn a little faster (possibly blowing your exit line…but that’s better than being blown off the track), etc. So, drive from the REAR of the car, and use that mirror!

Choose The Right Car
Find one or two cars in each class and stick with them! Some races will not allow certain cars (CRX’s, F355’s, etc), so it’s a good idea to have back-up cars that work on different tracks. Learn these cars…their braking points, how they accelerate, how hard you can push them, etc. When it comes time to the real race, you’ll have a good knowledge of your car…giving you the upper hand!

Keep Your Cool
If you’re in first or if you’re in last (whether you start there or are PUT there!), you have to learn to keep your cool. A race is NEVER over until it’s over. Drive smooth, keep to your braking points and you could come out ahead!

Learn The Tracks
Knowledge of the tracks can also help you win races! The more you know about a track (shortcuts, passing zones, braking zones, etc), the better your chances are of winning!

Real or sim, practice is probably the most important aspect of racing. How fast do you want to be? How far up the leaderboards do you want to see your name? If you answered Top 100, be prepared to spend a TON of time practicing! Trust me, from years of real racing experience, it will pay off!

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