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Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionX

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionX

Originally published on CompetitionX

Tamiya’s CC-01 chassis has been on the longest running trail truck chassis’ to date. It featured a faux ladder-frame design that surrounded a single-piece tub chassis and included a front independent/ rear solid axle suspension. The servo was mounted offset near the front of the chassis, the transmission in the center and the ESC and receiver sat atop the battery tray (molded for shotgun-style only battery packs).

This was a super cool design back in the day and hardcore Tamiya people really loved it but, as years progressed, the trail truck segment became way more advanced, leaving the CC-01 behind.

Finally, Tamiya thought it was time to update the aged CC-01, adding current features like a 4-link front/rear suspension, adjustable transmission, solid axles and a battery tray that would accept both shotgun and standard, box-shaped LiPo batteries!

This article will take you through the entire build process minus the body (it’s a Tamiya body – those take quite a bit of time). But first, let’s go over the support parts we’ll be using:

• #58675 Tamiya Mercedes-Benz G 500 CC-02, www.tamiyausa.com
• #TACJ0300 Tactic TTX300 3-Channel SLT Radio, www.horizonhobby.com
• #36951 Hitec D951TW High Torque Titanium Gear Servo, www.hitecrcd.com
• #TT1094 Tekin BXR Brushed ESC, www.teamtekin.com
• #TT2115 Tekin T35 HD Brushed Motor, www.teamtekin.com
• #TT2115 Tekin T35 HD Brushed Motor, www.teamtekin.com
• MaxAmps 6500 3S 11.1v LiPo Battery, www.maxamps.com

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionXFor this build, I went away from my usual and decided to drop in a Tactic radio system. I have quite a few of these lying around and, after a slight mishap with my Futaba 4PX, I figured a budget system would probably be better. It’s a 3-channel unit, giving me one extra channel for whatever else I might want to install (winch, light controller, etc). On top of that, I don’t need to worry about busting a super expensive radio system should I take another fall (age does that to you).

TACJ0300 Tactic TTX300 3-Channel SLT Radio
> Buy at AMain Hobbies

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionXIt’s always a struggle to get a servo for trail truck use – there are so many out there that will get the job done. The one for this project, the Hitec D951TW, is not only a monster servo in regards to torque, but it does have some beastly internals that will keep your rig on the trails and pointed in the right direction – always! Bringing in only 292oz of torque, it is programmable, has Hitec’s patented Smart Sense technology and functions with durable titanium gears – I’ve used this servo in my rock racing rigs for multiple seasons with zero issues. It should provide plenty of power for my CC-02.

36951 Hitec D951TW High Torque Titanium Gear Servo
> Buy at AMain Hobbies

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionXTekin’s BXR ESC is designed for heavy duty, all-weather rock crawling action. It mates to brushed motors and can handle 2S-3S LiPo packs (does anyone actually use 2S on trail truck??). It has Forward/Brake/Reverse functionality, is splash proof (unfortunately no submersing this guy), has a fantastic Active Drag Brake System and can be mounted just about anywhere with it’s tiny footprint. The BXR should be a perfect fit to get me through any trail hikes.

TT1094 Tekin BXR Brushed ESC
> Buy at AMain Hobbies

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionXSince I’ll be using a Tekin ESC, it was only right to use a Tekin brushed motor as well. I’m going with the T35, a 35T motor that I’ve used in other projects (with excellent results). It’s got more torque than the stock Mabuchi and is rebuildable, should the need arise. Other advantages (over the stock motor) are the adjustable timing, heat sink endbell, ball bearings and is competition legal (you know, when I get that urge to compete again).

TT2115 Tekin T35 HD Brushed Motor
> Buy at AMain Hobbies

Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build | CompetitionXWhen out trailing, power is everything. That’s why I’m going with the MaxAmps 6500 3S LiPo pack. Again, this is one of my go-to packs simply because it provides plenty of oomph when needed and the 6500mAh, well, I can go all day on it. Only having to have one pack with me (maybe two if I’m really feeling throttle happy) helps keep me on the trail longer.
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MaxAmps 6500 3S 11.1v LiPo Battery
> Buy at Amazon

Here’s a list of useful tools that will help you build this car.
Tamiya #74006 Phillips Screwdriver
Pro-Line Tire Mounting Glue
Hakko FX888D ESD Soldering Iron
Excel Hobby Knife
STRC Shock Shaft Tool
ProTek Curved Body Scissors
ProTek Body Reamer
ProTek Digital Calipers
Scotch Mounting Tape
Excel Needlenose Pliers

Use the links below to follow each step.
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Opening Page
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 1 – Transmission
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 2 – Chassis
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 3 – Driveshafts
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 4 – Front Axle
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 5 – Rear Axle
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 6 – Shocks
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 7 – Electronics
Tamiya CC-02 Trail Truck Build – Part 8 – Final Steps

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