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Video – RC Across America – Dead Man’s Crawl 2021 / Element RC ECTO | CompetitionX

Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 1 of our RC Across America Series. In this video, we dive deep into the 1st Annual Dead Man’s Crawl event that was held at Horseman’s Center Park in Apple Valley CA.

This fun little event was to celebrate Element RC’s birthday and was put on by some of the Element RC staff: Brad from Gecko Trails, John from Schultz RC Lab, Dave from My Build Projects and Aaron from, well, his desk at the office. It was unofficially supported by Element RC with prizes provided by Team Associated, Reedy, Factory Team, SOR Graphics, KNK, Beeftubes, Artful Dodgers and Reefs RC.

The Deadman’s Crawl as also the launching pad for Element’s new Gatekeeper-based rig, the ECTO. We had a chance for some hands on as well as a little video of it out on the rocks!

In attendance were also a few vendors, including IE RC, Reefs, Rock Pirates RC and Scale Metal Supplies.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stick around for very long (wife and I had family plans that day), but we did get a chance to check out the vendors and walk through the ‘pits’ to check out everyone’s rig. We also got some video of the Concours as well as quite a bit of action out on the rocks!

00:27 – Element ECTO Trail Truck Close-Ups
00:47 – Vendor Walkthrough
02:59 – Participant Rigs
08:09 – Concours
11:02 – Brad’s 4 Seconds of Fame
12:01 – On The Rocks

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More info on Horseman’s Center Park





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