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CompetitionX – The List – February 2020

CompetitionX - The List - February 2020

Welcome to the February 2020 edition of The List. This month we’ve got some suspension, some drivetrain, some wheels, a tool caddy and some scale goodies!

Element RC Independent Front Suspension (IFS) for the Enduro | CompetitionX
1. Enduro RC IFS Conversion Kit
With the industry flooded with scale trail trucks and accessories, it’s hard to come up with something different that can spark some excitement. However, Element RC have done just that with the addition of their new IFS Conversion kit! While the IFS setup isn’t necessarily new (see Tamiya’s CC-01), it is the first of its kind for the current crop of ‘high-performance’ rigs. That being said, it’s taken the scale world by storm, allowing modelers to build replicas of their Toyotas (or similar) with a IFS front/solid rear axle setup. It’s a gorgeous conversion with lots of thought and, honestly, does very little to hinder the overall operation of the truck. On top of that, this IFS Conversion will work with your Axial SCX10, SCX10 II and SSD Trail King with a few additional (3D-printed) parts. Great job to the Element crew!

RPM Shotgun-Style Mock Intake & Blower | CompetitionX
2. RPM Shotgun Style Mock Intake & Blower Set
Since we’re talking about scale, I had to add RPM RC Products’ new Shotgun-style Mock Intake and Blower Set. This multi-piece setup mounts to the hood of your ride giving it a killer, modern-muscle look. It will work with most bodies, even some with a slanted nose (thanks to RPM’s molded 7° angle). Detailed up, it looks absolutely amazing! RPM also makes a set of ‘Zoomie’ headers (item 7085_main) to finish off the high-horsepower look. Love the overall attitude and the fact that someone is bringing super scale to something other than the crawler world.

RC Upgrade MIP Holder with Parts Tray | CompetitionX
3. RC Upgrade MIP Holder with Parts Tray
Yes, it’s a tool holder. Yes, tool holders are a dime a dozen – however, I really liked the fact that this 3D printed version is a bit more versatile than most. For starters, it has plenty of tool tubes – 4 large, 5 medium, 4 small and 3 tiny – enough to easily hold everything you might need at the track or on your workbench for maintenance. It also has a small parts tray incorporated into the front with a lip to keep items from falling off (I personally would probably line that with felt or a sheet of cut-able magnet). I also like the fact that you can get it in one of 4 colors – black, blue, orange or red – to match you pit area (or your mood). I just find myself drawn to it – cool idea that I feel should get a little more notice, so it’s on this month’s The List.

Pro-Line Parts - Ford F-100 Race Truck, Badlands MX28, Trencher LP, Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon, Raid Wheels | CompetitionX
4. Pro-Line Racing Raid 2.2″/3.0″ Black 6×30 Removable Hex SC Wheels
Pro-Line Racing’s Raid SC wheels made The List for their amazing versatility on how to use them. Mount your favorite RC tires (Pro-Line, right?) on Saturday with the 14mm hex and go offroad racing, then change the hex to the 17mm one and go bashing on Sunday! This means you can use the same wheel and tire combo on multiple rides – 1:10 SC to 1:8 scale buggy! It’s a pretty genius idea, especially if you don’t want (or can’t afford) multiple sets of tires – just reuse what you got!

Exotek Slipper Eliminators - Stock Gears / Aftermarket Gears | CompetitionX
5. Exotek Racing 2WD Slash Pro Spur Gear Eliminator
Back when the Traxxas Slash first came out, everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) grabbed one and went racing! It was the (then) modern-day Spec racing truck, with very few upgrades allowed. Once that fad started to drift away, the trucks remained with racers starting to hop them up. One area that seemed to be missed was a spur gear adapter, allowing drivers to use spur and pinion gears they might already had. Guys did cobble up some options, but nothing that was all that great – until the Exotek Pro Eliminator! This adapter replaces the weighty slipper clutch system and allows the use of aftermarket spur gears (like Kimbrough). Super simple, super easy – and a great performance upgrade for the 2WD Slash!

So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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