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CompetitionX – The List – October 2022

CompetitionX - The List - October 2022

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of The List. We had a great month of cool stuff – way more than 5 – but these are the ones that really stood out as far as cool new products. On with The List!

1. MaxAmps Cylindrion Lithium Batteries
MaxAmps Cylindrion Lithium Batteries | CompetitionXMaxAmps is looking to raise the bar with Lithium packs with the introduction of their new Cylindrion batteries. These packs get their name from the shape of the cells – Cylindric – and can be charged using the same methods as standard LiPos. The biggest change, however, is that they are now encased in a round, metal case which is said to make them safer (less chance of puncture and unusual expansion). On top of that, the new Cylindrions include MaxAmps new Smart Battery feature; basically an onboard monitor that lets you see the condition of the cells. We’re hoping these will be a safer alternative while still producing some major power.
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2. HPI Sport 3 FLUX Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 RTR
HPI Sport 3 Flux Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 | CompetitionXThe Sport 3 FLUX is not a new chassis from HPI Racing, however they’ve pushed it to super sexy status with the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 body set! This thing is killer looking with all the exterior detail – nice licensed Ford Mustang Mach-E body with front lip, canards, mirrors, huge rear wing and diffuser – as well as the matching Tech 7 wheels and tires. For the go-go, HPI has loaded the Sport 3 with their stellar FLUX system, a powerful setup that is 3S-compatible for some serious speed. It really is a beautiful ride, making it as shoe-in to be on this month’s The List!
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3. Traxxas XRT Truggy
Traxxas XRT Truggy | CompetitionXTraxxas has taken their incredibly popular X-Maxx and given it a truggy look which, in our opinion, was the right thing to do! This truck is awesome looking – large scale, wide stance and much more performance-oriented that its MT counterpart. Plus, its double-4S LiPo capability pushes this big girl to speeds over 60mph – talk about a serious piece of bash equipment! We’ve got one coming to play with and haven’t been this excited about a bash product in a long time! So, yeah, it’s appropriate to get this truck on The List now!
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4. R1 Wurks Volta 4-Pole Drag Motor
R1 Wurks Volta 4-Pole Drag Racing Motor | CompetitionXWith Drag Racing becoming more and more popular, it’s not crazy to see manufacturers align some of their products to fit the class. R1 Wurks, however, has gone full send with their 4-Pole Volta Drag motor, a setup that allows lower turbo and boost settings to help protect the motor while still giving it a ton of power. Drivers have been mating these to R1’s new Drag ESCs with amazing results – smooth, usable but at the same time explosive power! We think branching out will only result in better tech in different classes – that alone earns the Volta a place in this month’s The List.
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5. Kraken RC VESLA.5 C1G/E Offroad Buggy
Kraken RC Vesla.5 1/5 Scale Buggy | CompetitionXThe VESLA.5 is a new 1/5 scale rig from Kraken RC. Having basically the same footprint as HPI’s Baja, the VESLA.5 is available in two flavors – a gas and an e-version – with both including all the parts to pull it from the box and go. However, the most outrageous part of these cars is the fact that, with a few minor additional parts, EITHER car can be swapped to the other power system! So, the gas buggy can be sent to e-status and vice versa! There’s more updates to the buggy as well that puts it ahead of the VEKTA.5 – full wide-track, independent suspension, HUGE big bore shocks, caged chassis with replaceable body panels and, of course, a bigger price tag. However, if you’re into powerful, large scale rides, the VESLA.5 just might be for you!
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So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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