Tekno ET410 4WD 1:10 Truggy Build | CompetitionX
Sunday , 26 May 2019

Tekno ET410 4WD 1:10 Truggy Build | CompetitionX

Tekno ET410 4WD 1:10 Truggy Build | CompetitionX

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It’s no secret that Tekno is rising to the top of the competitive RC heap – quality products, extremely durable and man do they perform! Even with all that going for them, the San Diego plant is still popping out some surprises … enter the ET410, a 4WD 1:10 scale Stadium Truck (or Truggy). This was certainly not something people were expecting, but it has created a HUGE boom that is being well received.

We were lucky enough to get one of these trucks to do a build and review with, so let’s get right to the build first. If you saw the build of the Tekno EB410 (here:
http://www.competitionx.com/rc-blog-builds/tekno-eb410-4wd-buggy-build/), you’ll see that most of the process is about the same. That’s because Tekno has made the EB410 (buggy) and ET410 (truck) compatible with 95% of it’s parts. Great news for those wanting to run both 4-wheel classes without having to carry twice as many parts!

Before we get started with the build, let’s go over the support parts we’ll be using:

• #TKR7200 Tekno RC ET410 1:10 4WD Competition Truggy Kit, www.teknorc.com
• #FUTK4908 Futaba 7PX 7-Channel Transmitter, www.futaba-rc.com
• R1 Wurks Digital Low-Profile Drive Servo, 80mm Wire, www.r1wurks.com
• R1 Wurks 6000mAh 2S LiHV Graphene Shorty LiPo Battery, www.r1wurks.com
• R1 Wurks Digital-2 200A Brushless ESC, www.r1wurks.com
• R1 Wurks 10.5T V15 Brushless Motor, www.r1wurks.com
• #8262-03 Pro-Line Racing Positron T 2.2″, MC Compound, www.prolineracing.com
• #7852 Team Associated Truck Hex Wheels, White, www.teamassociated.com
• Paintwork https://www.facebook.com/sharkbait.designworks/

Here’s a list of useful tools that will help you build this car.
Tekno RC 4mm/5mm Turnbuckle Wrench
MIP Metric Hex Driver Set (contains 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm drivers)
MIP 1.5mm Hex Driver
MIP 2.0 Hex Driver
MIP 2.5 Hex Driver
Pro-Line Tire Mounting Glue
TrakPower TK950 Soldering Iron
Xacto Hobby Knife
Duratrax Curved Body Scissors
Duratrax Body Reamer
Neiko Digital Calipers
Scotch Mounting Tape
Tekton Needlenose Pliers

Use the links below to follow each step.
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Opening Page
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 1 – Differentials
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 2 – Front Bulkhead
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 3 – Rear Bulkhead
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 4 – Rear Suspension
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 5 – Front Suspension
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 6 – Chassis Assembly
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 7 – Shocks
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 8 – Electronics
Tekno ET410 Truggy Build – Part 9 – Final Assembly

The Tekno ET410 is available at AMain Hobbies

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