Losi Mini 8ight RTR
Monday , 29 November 2021

Losi Mini 8ight RTR

Losi Mini 8ight RTR
Losi Mini 8ight RTR

Based upon the ROAR Championship-winning 8IGHT™ buggy, this brushless-powered prodigy is the ultimate mini buggy. Its 1/14-scale size and 4WD drivetrain allows it to handle tougher terrain while mastering the outrageous power and speed from the brushless system. Better still, the Mini 8IGHT comes with everything you need to get started, including transmitter, rechargeable NiMH battery pack and charger. Experience the thrill of driving a Mini 8IGHT today.

4500KV Brushless Motor
Designed to give you plenty of power for the 4WD transmission, the Mini 8IGHT motor requires little to no maintenance and provides a whole lot of fast-paced action.

Losi® Brushless ESC
This brushless ESC features auto-cell detection, built in cutoff, and is compatible with NiMH and 2S to 3S LiPo.

Spektrum SR300 Receiver with 2.4GHz DSM Technology
Genuine Spektrum DSM technology will ensure an interference-free experience whether you run with five other Mini 8IGHT vehicles, or fifteen.

Aluminum, Adjustable, Oil-filled, Coil-over Shocks
Threaded-aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks offer durability, dependability and are designed to ensure the desired suspension performance. Threaded bodies and collars allow for easy adjustments and fine tuning.

Mini Kingpin Treaded Tires
Scaled-down from the race-proven 1/10- and 1/8-scale Kingpin tread design, these mini tires will provide ample traction on multiple surface types.

7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery Pack with EC2 Connectors
The Mini 8IGHT RTR includes a powerful, rechargeable NiMH battery pack and wall charger, making it easy to get started.

DSM Transmitter
DSM technology offers multiple benefits over traditional systems: No interference, glitching, worrying about finding an open frequency, changing crystals or losing control. Losi DSM transmitters only require 4 AA batteries, making them lighter in weight and less expensive to maintain. A short fold-over antenna makes travel and storage convenient.

Body Colors
Available in either black or red

Product Specifications
Type:4WD Buggy
Length:11.49 in (292mm)
Width:8.03 in (204mm)
Height:4.33 in (110mm)
Wheelbase:7.32 in (186mm)
Weight:2.15 lb (0.98 kg)
Chassis:2.5mm anodized aluminum
Tire Type:Kingpin™ Buggy
Motor or Engine:4500Kv brushless motor
Speed Control:Brushless
Radio:2.4GHz DSM® Technology
Batteries:7.2V NiMH with EC2™ connector
Shock Type:Aluminum, threaded, oil-filled
Ball Bearings:Complete
Minimum Age Recommendation:14 years

Losi Mini 8ight RTR Chassis Shot
Losi Mini 8ight RTR Chassis Shot

Available for: $249.99

[source: www.losi.com]

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  1. This lil guy’s got exactly what I’ve been wanting for my Mini Inferno 09 Buggy/ST hybrid, for awhile.. the perfect size rims/tires! I’ve been wanting some slightly narrower treads up front, (than the ST’s I got on all 4 corners). Now I’ll get both that & I’m sure a wonderful myriad of treads. 😀 Thanks for giving my 09 some new shoes Losi, haha. (3R 12mm hex adapters on the way)

    Oh yea.. and as far as the buggy itself goes, no doubt it’ll be awesome. It’s too bad they kept the full-size 8ight’s body shape though – cause it’s FUGLY, lol.


  2. Fugly, LOL! This little guy should really take off with all of the smaller-scale guys. I’ll be curious how well it works.

  3. Well i see that this was posted over a year now, but wanted to commnet on my experience with the losi 8 mini since Nov of last year. 1st off I am a ex rc racer, I raced with the black tub RC10 with stealth trans converted to sprint car for my 1st car in 96. Raced all sorts of classes & tracks/sufaces but the sprint car clay/dirt oval & pavement oval for pan car oval, along with 1/12 scale & 1/10 touring on carpet are my favorite memorys. My Trinity Switch Blade SJ Spashett editon was the bomb back in the late 90’s & early 2000’s had the lap record. 😀 I worked at the hobby shop for the track & it was behind the shop.

    But anyway wanted to let you know my back ground too as i left the hobby for about 11 years & then picked this up & a LHS & now have been back to the local track & trying to pick a class to run?! They have a dirt oval & clay off road both inside, but this mini has been nothing but a blast. I had the XX 4 worlds about 2002 & this reminds me alot of it, as the xx 4 was tight then & ran great with a 11 turn tripple! Pick up 2 Turnigy 2s 20-30c 1700mah for 7.80 each & they made this little car pull wheelies & have great run time. Handles great for its size. Take it easy & ill be checking out this site to see if its still going. Cheers!

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