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Phat Bodies M.A.D. Mini Body Set | CompetitionX

Phat Bodies M.A.D. Mini Body Set | CompetitionX

The Phat Bodies M.A.D. Mini shell is one hot-little lid that will work with your Mardave or Kamtec 1/12 scale rides. However, since we in the US don’t have direct access to those types of cars, it’s good to know that this body will fit on anything that is 160mm wide and a 175mm wheelbase. That will include quite a few rides we have here in the States.

It’s a fun body, pulled from .7mm Lexan and comes clear with window masks, overspray film and a sticker sheet.

Quick Stats
Product: Phat Bodies M.A.D. Mini Body Set
Part #: n/a
Scale: 1/12 Scale
Price: $19.65
Build Type: n/a
BUY NOW: https://bit.ly/47U4RcA

What We Like:
The M.A.D. has a bit of a comical look to it, but with a very racey feel. That low profile front end, bulging fenders and rear wing all compliment the overall look of this body. We’re feeling like we need one of these in our lives…

What We’re Not Sure About:
UK based. $20 for the body is great, shipping might double the price.

For more information, please visit: www.phatbodies.co.uk


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