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Review: Tekno RC ET410 4WD 1:10 Scale Race Truggy | CompetitionX

Review: Tekno RC ET410 4WD 1:10 Scale Race Truggy | CompetitionX

RC Car Review: Tekno RC ET410 4WD 1:10 Scale Race Truggy

Following in the footsteps of it’s younger sibling, Tekno RC’s ET410 4WD 1:10 Scale Racing Truggy has hit the offroad segment with a serious bang. It not only shares a 95% parts compatibility with the EB410, the updated truggy parts make it extremely easy and fun to drive!

We had the pleasure of putting this kit together with a full line of support equipment from R1 Wurks, Pro-Line Racing and Futaba (see our build blog here: Check that out if you’d like to see how simple this truck went together.

Product: Tekno ET410 1:10th 4WD Competition Electric Truggy Kit
Part #: TKR7200
Price: $429.99
Recommended For: Racing or bashing – it’s a durable 4WD truck that just loves to go!

Here’s our review of this buggy as well as a few laps of it at OCRC Raceway.


Items Needed
• Steering Servo

• Brushless ESC
• Brushless Motor
• Shorty LiPo Battery

• Radio System
• Front Tires

• Rear Tires

Spec Data

Scale: 1:10
Power Source: Electric
Length: 15.48″ (393mm)
Width: 12.6-12.9″ (322-330mm)
Wheelbase: 11.1-11.6″ (283-294mm)
Weight: 4.07-4.46lbs (1850-2025g)

Type: Flat with plastic sides
Thickness: 3mm
Material: 7075 aluminum

Type: 4-wheel independent
Camber: Adjustable
Roll: Adjustable
Wheelbase: Adjustable
Shocks: 13mm Big Bore aluminum
Steering: Reverse dual bellcrank
Turnbuckles: Steel
Type: 4WD
Transmission: n/a
Clutch: None
Differentials: Large, fluid-filled (x3)
Bearings: Precision sealed
Gearing: 32P, optional pinion gears
Body, Wheels, Tires
Body: Lexan, cab-forward
Wing: Lexan, high-downforce
Wheels: Not included
Wheel hex: 12mm hex
Tires: Not included

Tekno ET410 4WD 1:10 Truggy Build | CompetitionXOnline Build
The Tekno ET410 build is about as much to build as it is to drive. The parts drop together perfectly with absolutely zero hand fitting and there is plenty of room onboard for most electronics. While my R1 Wurks 10.5T motor works flawlessly, I might suggest getting a 4-pole motor around the 4800kV range to really add some low-end grunt to this truck.

Find the build here: Tekno ET410 Online Build


Bottom Line: The Tekno ET410 follows closely in the footsteps of the younger offering, the EB410. The build is fantastic; the plastic parts are big and beefy, the platform is tried and true and the final product looks great. Some people have been blasting Tekno about the body but, honestly, I’ve seen worse. I don’t think it looks all that bad with my colors on it, so maybe most of what people are judging it on is based on the unflattering paint. Judge how you will, once the ET410 hits the track, it really doesn’t matter. It could have a loaf of bread carved to fit and it would still be a complete joy to drive.

The support equipment – R1 Wurks, Pro-Line and Futaba – all worked perfectly! The Futaba radio is amazing to use, the PL rubber simply glues the 410 to the track and the R1 Wurks stuff – brilliant.

I have to once again give a shout out to my painter Sharkbait Designworks for his amazing job on all my bodies. Truggy looks much faster than this guy can drive – that’s for sure!

Features: 10
Appearance: 9.8
Performance – Speed & Braking: 10
Performance – Steering & Handling: 10
Performance – Durability & Maintenance: 10
Performance – Tuning: 10
Overall Value: 10

Recommended tools for building the Tekno EB410

Tekno RC,
Pro-Line Racing,
R1 Wurks,
Sharkbait Designworks,

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