The HPI Baja 5SC SS - Build it Yourself!
Thursday , 2 December 2021

The HPI Baja 5SC SS – Build it Yourself!

The HPI Baja 5SC SS - Build it Yourself!
The HPI Baja 5SC SS - Build it Yourself!

The exciting 1/5th scale Baja 5SC short course truck gets the SS treatment! The Baja 5SC SS comes as an unassembled kit that you get to build from the ground up. If you enjoy the process of custom building your own R/C vehicles, the Baja 5SC SS is the kit for you.

The Baja 5SC SS is more than just a kit version, it’s packed with extra speed and a long list of option parts. The powerplant has been upgraded to the high performance Fuelie 26s engine, coupled to a high flow aluminum tuned pipe with steel tubular header. Combined with the 8,000 RPM clutch, the Baja 5SC SS has some serious grunt to help propel it to speeds in excess of 40MPH! Need to quiet things down a bit? We’ve also included a stock can muffler just in case.

To withstand the additional power, the drivetrain has been upgraded to Super Heavy Duty specs. Massive 9mm dogbones are paired up with super heavy duty diff shafts and drive axles for a bulletproof drivetrain. The front end of the truck has also been beefed up with the addition of new HD front wheel hubs that eliminate the use of e-clips. Updated rear hubs aid in both the durability and adjustability of the truck, allowing you to easily go from 0 to 4 degrees of rear toe-in to precisely tune the handling of your Baja 5SC SS.

Traction comes from high performance and extremely sticky HB Rodeoo tires mounted on new TR-10 wheels. The asymmetric tread pattern mirrors the design of full-size off-road racing tires for authentic looks, and the specially blended HB rubber compound gives high grip and long life on a variety of off-road surfaces. The true bead-lock TR-10 wheels look great and allow you to mount and change tires without the need for super glue.

For quick and responsive steering, a powerful metal gear SFL-11MG steering servo is included to tackle the demands of 1/5th scale off-road driving. We’ve left the choice of throttle servo, transmitter and receiver up to you, just bolt in your favorite equipment.

To top everything off we include a clear SC-1 body that you can paint just the way you want for a truly custom truck. The realistic short course body comes pre-cut with body post holes and cooling holes already in place. Giant pre-cut vinyl decals are also included, complete with stripes, logos, front grill, and lights.

Baja 5SC SS Features
• Clear SC-1 Short Course Body
• 40+ Mph Fuelie 26S Engine
• 8,000 RPM Racing Clutch
• HB Rodeoo Short Course Tires
• Front & Rear Short Course Bumpers
• Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts
• Super Heavy Duty Diff Shafts
• Super Heavy Duty Drive Axles
• Updated Rear Hubs
• Metal Geared Servos
• Sealed Radio Box
• Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
• Long Travel Suspension
• Metal Transmission Gears
• Viscous Torque Diff
• Dual Vented Disc Brakes
• Dirt Guards
• Large 700cc Fuel Tank

Chassis length: 900mm
Width F/R:
Front 440mm / Rear 460mm
Height: 320mm
Track F/R:
Front 370mm / Rear 380mm
Wheelbase: 570mm
Weight: / 27.9 lb (without fuel)


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  1. this is going to be so cool i want one r the ss kits hard to build

  2. It does take a bit of time and ALOT of room to build since it’s 1/5th scale, but it’s not all that hard. All the pieces are pretty big so people with big ham-hands like myself will have any easy time!

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