Vega Elite 2wd Conversion for Kyosho RT5
Thursday , 2 December 2021

Vega Elite 2wd Conversion for Kyosho RT5

Vega Elite 2wd Conversion for Kyosho RT5
Vega Elite 2wd Conversion for Kyosho RT5

Just released, the new series of Vega Elite 2WD race conversions for most major top-end race buggies. Featuring CNC machined aerospace 7075 alloy tub chassis & gearbox, motorplate heat sink, rear shock tower, bodyshell and more.

This exciting new conversion changes the weight distribution of the car, allowing it to jump more level & massively helps in-air control and powered landings.

Testing has shown the conversion gives a new more positive feel to the car, allowing for a more aggressive driving style. Flatter jumps, quicker landings and better cornering is bringing noticeably faster and consistent lap times.


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  1. Hello, I have the Kyosho rt5 and wish to upgrade to a better running vehicle. I”m looking for a price and a picture of where it would be best to place the electronics. I’ve been racing for about 8 years and am in my sixties. I just wish to be more competitive with the younger generation. Love the Kyosho products. Used to be all LOSI….If you don’t wish to deal with an old fart, I’d understand….Thanks for your time …..

  2. Hi LeRoy.

    I haven’t had the chance to drive the Kyosho RT5 yet but heard it’s fantastic. As far as electronics, do a Google search and click on the ‘Images’ link near the top. It will show you all of the images of a Kyosho RT5 and should come up with quite a few chassis shots. This should help you with electronics placement.

    For the matter of WHAT electronics to get, I would suggest going to your track and looking at what the fast guys are running. Off the top of my head I would suggest Tekin (with it’s fully adjustable software) for the ESC and motor and a good, hi-torque servo for steering. Any 2.4GHz radio system will work fine…just stick to a brand name. For the battery, Thunder Power is usually my choice just because of the power they seem to have.

    Hope this helps! Let me know how your project goes!

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