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Video: Tamiya Formula E TC-01 Video Build – Part 3 | CompetitionX

Video: Tamiya Formula E TC-01 Video Build – Part 3 | CompetitionX

Part 3 of our Tamiya TC-01 Formula E build is a pretty simple one – we’ll be assembling the front and rear upper decks as well as installing the steering rack.

While there’s not alot going on with the upper decks, there are a TON of holes in them and we show you which ones to use for the ballstuds, which ones to use for the rocker arms and which are used for mounting.

Enjoy the video.

Product: Tamiya TC-01 Formula E GEN2 Car
Order: Tamiya TC-01
Part #: 58681
Price: $379.00
Recommended For: Lovers of F1 that want an easy car to drive (4WD baby!)


Items Needed
• Steering Servo
• Brushless ESC/Motor
• Shorty LiPo Battery

• Radio System
• Wheels/Tires

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  1. I raced on-road 1/10th scale cars from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s. I was. NORRCA member and raced at all the Thunderdrome races. I am just now sorting through lots of RC parts and stuff to salvage what I can and restore the cars for my young grandsons. Your website was linked to the Victor Engineering operating manual. I am repairing/restoring as much as is possible because I am having a hard finding certain parts that are now referred to as “vintage”. Are there any other ‘vintage’ racers out there doing the same thing???

  2. Hey Todd. Possibly. The vintage market is pretty heavy with cool stuff from ‘back in the day’. It’s just going to take alot of searching to find stuff from back then though. Good luck!

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