Wednesday , 6 December 2023

RC Suspension Tuning Guide – Vehicle Weight

RC Tuning Vehicle Weight

What is Vehicle Weight?
At most club races, legal Vehicle Weight is not something that is strictly enforced. But, at major events (Regionals, Nationals and The Worlds), there is a weight requirement. All cars must be AT or OVER the legal Weight. This is so that all cars are on a ‘somewhat’ equal playing field.

If you car is under weight, small lead weights are available to bring your vehicle up to minimum weight. If you car is over weight, there are a number of ways to reduce weight.

Tuning with Vehicle Weight
Some companies sell small lead squares that can be broken off in 1/4oz increments and added to the car. The benefit of this is that now, instead of having a race ready car that is overweight, you can add weight ANYWHERE you want to reach the legal limit. Remember, the heavier the car, the more power it takes to move it. So, by getting the car as close to legal as possible (at or over, of course), you make your car as light as legally possible.

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