RC Tuning Guide

To get the most from your RC vehicle, you should know a few things about vehicle tuning. Most RC vehicles have a TON of tuning adjustments available on them, but it’s what each adjustment does that is the big mystery. If you can master the tuning, you can make your car work at any track and on any surface.

CompetitionX has compiled a list of the tuning options on most RC cars. While the process of adjusting the tuning feature might differ slightly from vehicle to vehicle, the actual tuning function will still be the same.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a good idea to write down the setup that comes with the car. If you decide to get adventurous and start making changes, you could end up with an ill-handling vehicle. Having the original setup will provide you a ‘back-up’ point. If you need one, you can head on over to the CompetitionX Blank Setup Sheet section and download a copy.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any tuning features not listed.

Ackermann Droop
Aerodynamics Gearing
Anti-Roll Bar Kickup
Anti-Squat Ride Height
Axle, Inline Roll Center
Axle, Trailing Roll Out
Axle Height Shocks
Battery Placement Shock Mounting Locations
Bearings Slipper Clutch
Bumpsteer Steering Throw Symmetry
Camber Toe In / Toe Out
Camber Link Locations Track Width
Caster Tweak
Chassis Vehicle Weight
Differential Wheelbase