CompetitionX – The List – February 2023

CompetitionX – The List – February 2023

Welcome to the February 2023 edition of The List! February was a good month for RC with way more than 5 cool items dropping! As usual, though, we had to narrow it down to the Top 5 we feel were the absolute coolest items, so let’s take a look at what we chose!

1. Tamiya BBX Buggy
Tamiya BBX BuggyWe’re starting off the list with a much anticipated ride from Tamiya – the BBX! This is a ground-up design and takes some cues from older buggies like the Rough Rider and Super Champ. It’s a rear-motor design with trailing arms, oil-filled shocks, a roll cage, driver and netting, new wheels and tires and an absolute superb look! This is going to be one popular ride and will be available at a very respectable price – under $260!. Being a cross between old school and new, it’s a shoe-in to be on this month’s ‘The List’.
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2. Killerbody Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Body Set
Killer Body Jeep Gladiator Body Set | CompetitionXKillerbody is known for having some pretty, well, killer bodies and their new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon fits snugly into that category. This 1/10 scale body set comes as a kit and is WAY past amazing! It’s starts life as a hard body kit and includes features like window/windshield framing, wiper parts, separate doors, tailgate and side skirts. It can also be built with or without the roof! Then there’s the interior – a massive amount of detail there as well! This really is the ultimate scale body for your next build! It’s still on pre-order at the moment, but we’d guess you’ll want to get yours on order as these are going to sell out fast!!!
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3. Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix RTR
Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix RTR | CompetitionXWhile the Vanquish VS4-10 Phoenix isn’t a new product, the fact that is now comes as a RTR certainly is – and that’s exciting news! This truck has been touted as one of the more super-high-level rigs loaded to the gills with Vanquish quality parts. Some of the crazy cool features include the VFD Twin Transmission with selectable overdrive and dig, F10 straight axles, HD stainless steel links, ISD10 driveshafts and S8E shocks. There’s also a hidden bodyclip system to hold the beautiful Phoenix body in place, all rolling along on an official set of Vanquish 1.9 Incision KMC KM233 beadlock wheels. It’s a beautiful looking rig, certainly one that we wish we had! It’s probably one you should have in your stable as well!
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4. Elceram RC Nitride ESC
Elceram RC Nitride ESC | CompetitionXAll ESCs are the same, right? Well, we actually think the new Elceram is about to change all of that. While still in the sneak-peek phase, the Elceram Nitride brings a new look and some killer features to the table. On the outside, it has the same footprint as some of the other popular units on the market. It’s housed in an aluminum case but with a LCD screen and triple-button setup on the face. This display allows you to filter through the menu system to make changes as well as monitor vital stats within the ESC itself – things like time, battery level and motor and ESC temps. For all you nerds, there’s also graphs and a histogram feature from your last run, allowing you to see how you did on track. We think this is the future of ESC types, so of course it has to be on this month’s ‘The List’!
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5. Losi Mini JRXT Monster Truck RTR
Losi Mini JRXT Limited Edition Monster Truck RTR | CompetitionXThis one was a tough call because there were 3 other items we could have put here, but Losi put the pull on our memory-strings with the release of the Mini JRXT. We started our RC career shortly after this dropped and, of course, had to have one. Sure, this is a mini version of that OG truck, but it’s a cool little hat-tip to the times when RC racing was raw – no brushless motors, no LiPo batteries, tires that were as hard as rocks – but we still powered our way around the track like total champs! This is a limited edition MT so if you’re interested in getting one, you better do it now!
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So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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