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CompetitionX – The List – March 2023

CompetitionX – The List – March 2023

Welcome to the March 2023 edition of The List! We had our work cut out for us, picking only FIVE of the coolest releases from last month (from around 7 or 8) was a bit difficult.

So sit back and enjoy our picks for the Top 5 Coolest RC items from March 2023!

1. FMS FCX24 Smasher V2 Monster Truck RTR
CompetitionX – The List – March 2023Alright, our first pick from the bunch is FMS’s FCX24 Smasher V2 Monster Truck RTR. Now, we didn’t have one of these (unfortunately), but we did get in contact with a buddy that did and he absolutely LOVES it. We’re loving it too (from afar), digging the killer body set and wheel and tire combo that, in our opinion, looks perfect for this size truck. This new V2 version has a few updates from the V1 but, in all honesty, we’d drive either versions of this cool little 1/24 scale ride. All of this coolness comes at a price, though, and by that we mean an affordable one – under $160! A great deal for a great truck!
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2. Team Associated MT12 Monster Truck
CompetitionX – The List – March 2023Next up is yet another tiny truck, this one from Team Associated. The MT12 is another rad ride that is based on their 1/12 scale crawling chassis, beefed up a bit with a colorful MT body and oversized wheels and tires. It features a full array of Reedy electronics (including an 850mAh Li-Ion battery), 4-link front and rear suspension, oil-filled shocks and aluminum wheel hexes. Topping the MT is a cool (generic) truck body that comes pre-painted and includes a roof-mounted light bar that is LED ready (although those LED’s are sold separately). Overall, though, this truck really looks good from all angles and will for sure delight those that want a pint-sized MT to play with.
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3. ClubRaceHero 3D Printed 1/12 Scale Car
CompetitionX – The List – March 2023Third on this month’s list is a very unique, 1/12 scale ride. This is from Club Race Hero and is a complete 3D-printed (almost) carpet car! The conversion includes the chassis, front bumper, battery tray, rear pod and a few other pieces – all you need is the front suspension, rear drive parts, electronics and some additional bits! While you might think this car is a hokey wannabe race car, it was actually used at the 2023 ROAR Electric Onroad Nationals by Scott Jakes (designer) with great success. There are 4 versions available (all for FREE!) that allow you to add this conversion to either the Destiny, CRC or XRAY cars (using their additional parts). While we’ve seen 3D cars before, we haven’t experienced anything to this level that was built for the competitive side of the industry! Such a cool idea!
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4. Beef Tubes The Beadlocker’er
CompetitionX – The List – March 2023Beef Tubes’ The Beadlocker’er is definitely one of those items that should be under the MUST HAVE section of your tool box! This multi-piece tool allows you to quickly and easily assemble beadlock wheels by applying consistent, even pressure to your wheels during assembly. Just slide the threaded rod up through the beadlock halves and slowly screw the twist knob down to the desired compression, then tighten down the beadlock screws. Yes, it’s that easy! It comes anodized in red with the Beef Tubes logo on the twist knob and will work with most 1.55″, 1.9″, 2.2″ and 2.2/3.0″ wheels!
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5. RC4WD 4×4 Overland Rally Race Semi Truck
CompetitionX – The List – March 2023The final ride for this month is the incredibly scale 1/14 scale Rally Semi Truck from RC4WD. This rig comes in RTR trim with an absolute TON of scale parts – grilles, mirrors, snorkel, opening cab and rear box doors, flip-up side box doors, flip-forward engine compartment – the detail list is long long long! Even the suspension and drivetrain are uber-realistic! Although it is an absolute beauty, the $999 price tag will probably make you think twice about driving it Dakar-style, but hey, it really would be cool cruising around the beach, park or local Rally track with one of these!
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So that’s it for this month’s The List. If you’re interested to see more Top 5 articles, you can check them out here: The List

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