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Bad Bugs Buggy Steering

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Bad Bugs Buggy Steering

The steering in my HobbyKing Bad Bug is pretty sloppy. I watched an online review that stated I need to tighten the steering servo and use a little bit of threadlock to keep it tight, but I’m not sure where to do that (it was hard to see in the review). Do you have any ideas where I need to do that?


Hi Dave,
While I’m not to familiar with the Bad Bug, I’m pretty sure we can figure this out. The picture on the right shows the Bad Bug with the body off. The red arrow points to the servo; it mounts in a top-down fashion and either uses a servo-mounted servo saver or a servo saver integrated into one of the two steering posts. We’ll do a fix for both.

If the servo saver is on mounted to the servo, you’ll need to make sure the screw going into the servo is tight. The servo uses metal gears, so this might be where the video you watched wants you to add some threadlock. Remove the screw and put a small amount – one small drop – on the screw and re-install it. You can access this from under the Bug – where the green arrow is.

If the servo saver is integrated into the steering posts, you have two options. 1) you can disassemble the steering, add a small drop of threadlocker to the servo saver threads and re-assemble everything; this will allow you to tighten the servo saver and use the threadlocker to keep it from loosening up. Or 2), you can unscrew the servo saver collar, force a small drop of threadlocker onto the threads and tighten it back up. I would only use this method if you have room to do this – the Bad Bug is a 1:16 scale truck so I’m guessing there’s not alot of room for fingers.

Finally, you’ll see a blue arrow in the image. This really has nothing to do with this post, just pointing out how cool the image is!

Good luck!
The Doc

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