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Project: HPI Desert Land Shark – RS4 Sport 3 FLUX Build

HPI RS4 Sport 3 FLUX Project Build

Words and Photos: Don Almeido Desert Land Shark The first written account of a shark attack is found in Herodotus’ (c. 484–425 B.C.) description of hordes of “monsters” devouring the shipwrecked sailors of the Persian fleet. Until just recently, another very rare encounter was reported a remarkable 273 miles inland from Newport Beach, California all the way to Las Vegas, …

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Project: Speed Passion LM-P Patron P-1

Speed Passion LM-P Patron P-1 Project

Words and Photos: Don Almeido Why build a pan car since the introduction of Speed Passion’s LM-1 back in 2014 never took off in the USA? My ongoing obsession with the 24 Hours of LeMans could be a valued answer. Truth be told, after flipping through an old 2014 November issue of RC Driver magazine, I noticed the cover shot …

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Project: Axial Scale Trail Truck – SCX10 Custom Build

Project: Axial Scale Trail Truck - SCX10 Custom Build

Scale Trail Toy for the Axial West Coast Challenge 2011 Back in 2011, I was invited to attend Axial West Coast Challenge (AWCC) in Cisco Grove, California. I was there to both cover the event (I was working for RC Driver Magazine at the time) as well as participate in the activities; rock crawling (with an Axial XR10) and G6 …

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Project: Traxxas Stampede 4×4 MTV

Project: Traxxas Stampede 4x4 MTV

MTV = Multi-Terrain Vehicle We do lots of projects all the time, and some take quite a while to ‘put together’. Your initial idea ends up being nothing like you thought, requiring even more time and parts but still resulting in more headaches. Then there’s the ones that just fall into place. When I first received my Traxxas Stampede 4×4 …

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Project: Team Associated SC10 On-Road SC Truck

Project: Team Associated SC10 On-Road SC Truck

Short Course for the Road Course There are some definite advantages to living in Southern California; one of the biggies being the weather. Because it rarely ever changes from 70 degrees and sunny, there are times I like to get away from the hardcore, purpose built indoor tracks for a nice, relaxing day in the sun. My buddy Charlie runs …

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Project: TLR L8IGHT Model-to-GT8 Conversion

TLR L8IGHT Model-to-GT8 Conversion

Big Car, Big Power, BIG fun! A new and interesting class has popped up in my neck of the woods … 1:8th Scale Onroad GT (or GT8). This class is basically 1:8th scale offroad buggies that have been converted to onroad cars. These cars use the same running gear as their offroad counterparts but use 1:8th scale rubber onroad tires …

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Project: Van Phalen Traxxas Slash 4×4

Readers Ride - Van Phalen Slash

California Style Super Slash – AKA Project ‘Van Phalen’ This Traxxas Slash 4×4 Project was a result of a little West Coast vs East Coast competition between Mr. Vogel and I. When I found out about this, my girlfriend and I sat down and discussed what the West Coast is all about…Disneyland, Hollywood, rock stars, etc. Well, I wasn’t too …

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Project: Jammin SCRT10 4WD Short Course Truck

Jammin SCRT10 4WD Short Course Truck

Building the Ultimate Pro4 Truck! The Short Course craze has done everything but slow down the last couple months. In fact, a whole new breed of SC trucks are becoming available in the form of 4WD. I had a great time driving the RTR version of the Jammin SCRT10 (see the full review in the December 2010 issue) but knew …

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Project: Traxxas Summit Crawler Build

Traxxas Summit Crawler Project

Super-Size My Summit When Traxxas released the Summit there was a lot of buzz about what segment of the hobby this vehicle was aimed at. Most have accepted it as a hardcore offroader but there is still some question about its true rock crawling ability. My focus of this project was to upgrade the key rock crawling areas to take …

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Project: Losi Ten-T Truggy

Losi TEN-T Truggy Project

Prep Your RTR TEN-T For Track Duty Most Ready-To-Run vehicles will never see a track. The main goal behind them is ease of use and exceptional durability. Nowadays people just want to pull them out of the box and go. That being said, what if someone that owns one of these RTR vehicles decides to actually race? Does he have …

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