Eat. Sleep. RC. February 2016 Giveaway Update – Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

Eat. Sleep. RC. February 2016 Giveaway Update – Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

It’s not only awesome to be working with Axial this month for the Eat. Sleep. RC. Giveaway, it’s also amazing to be giving away one of their new Yeti SCORE Trophy Trucks! This is a fun truck that is built for some heavy duty, outdoor offroad use – the kind where most trucks will come back as a bag of parts!

Based on their Yeti Rock Racer, the SCORE Trophy Truck gets an updated body and rear cage, trophy truck wheels and tires, some new shocks and a whole different attitude! It retains the best parts of the Yeti line – the fantastic long travel suspension, Vanguard brushless system, compact chassis setup and bulletproof transmission, allowing you to take this truck out to any field, deserted road, mound of dirt or desert scenario and have a total blast.

The Vanguard brushless system features a waterproof ESC that is capable of running either a 2S or 3S LiPo battery. It sends the power over to a 3150kV brushless motor that has some incredible power, churning a centrally mounted transmission that is filled with metal gears for durability. A waterproof box keeps the receiver safe from the elements – good news since no one ever wants to stop the offroad action when there’s rain in the forecast!

We’ll be adding a full selection of option parts from Axial – here’s a list of all the goodies included:
AX30789 Axial AR60 OCP Aluminum Straight Axle Hub Carrier
AX30829 Axial AR60 OCP Machined Low-Profile Differential Cover
AX30830 Axial AR60 OCP Machined Link Mount
AX30836 Axial Aluminum Servo Horn 25T
AX31049 Axial Helmet Set (Black)
AX31135 Axial Universal Axle Set 94mm
AX31136 Axial Icon 87-125mm Aluminum Shock Set
AX31156 Axial Machined Adjustable Motor Mount
AX31161 Axial Steel Spur Gear 32P 64T
AX31164 Axial Machined Slipper Plate
AX31165 Axial Machined 4 Link Mounts
AX31166 Axial Machined Shock Mount Plates
AX31167 Axial Machined Sway Bar Clamp
AX31169 Axial Machined Body Post Mount
AX31170 Axial Machined Front Shock Tower
AX31172 Axial Icon 67-90mm Aluminum Shock Set
AX31245 Axial Lower Link Plate Set
AX31249 Axial Yeti Turnbuckle Set
AX31303 Axial Yeti SCORE TT-380 Interior Set
AX31310 Axial TT-380 SCORE Retro Trophy Truck

On top of that, the STT will be getting a set of Pro-Line Trencher Tires, a Pro-Line 6″ Super-Bright Curved LED Light Bar, MaxAmps 6500mAh 2S LiPo battery and a custom painted Axial TT-380 SCORE Retro Trophy Truck body by F1 RC Lab. Just wait until you see it!

So, if you haven’t signed up for a chance to win this car, I suggest heading over to and filling out the form. It’s going to be a fantastic vehicle!

Axial Racing,

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  1. Donald Petermann

    Looking forward to every month to enter

  2. Thanks Donald. You should … lots of cool giveaways in the future!

  3. Has he announced the winner yet?

  4. Not yet. We had a scheduling issue with the body so we’ll be pulling the name of the winner tomorrow with the video announcement on Thursday.

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