25 Days of CompetitionX-mas 2018 – SonRC's Charge Leads | CompetitionX
Tuesday , 25 January 2022

25 Days of CompetitionX-mas 2018 – SonRC’s Charge Leads | CompetitionX

25 Days of CompetitionX-mas 2018 – SonRC's Charge Leads

CompetitionX is ecstatic to have SonRC back on board with us for this year’s 25 Days of CompetitionX-mas!

We couldn’t say enough good things last year after we purchased one of SonRC’s Pro Lead Cables. The quality was fantastic and, to this day, we still use both at the track every time we visit. If you don’t know the story of this product, you need to visit www.SonRC.com and give it a read – very inspiring.

Anyway, they sent us over some great products again this year – of course, a pair of their Pro Lead Charging Cables; a standard 18″ cable and an 18″ cable with XT60 to 4/5mm bullet plugs. Both include the high-quality cables and shrink wrapping.

We also got one of their Pro Nitro/Receiver Battery Leads. This is a 36″ long setup that includes a 7-pin balancer, perfect for that extra reach to your onboard receiver pack.

Finally, and something we didn’t get last year, was their new (to us) Alloy Body Reamer. It features an alloy handle and cap and comes with a super sharp tip for drilling precision holes in your body.

Looking forward to spreading the word about SonRC’s great products!

If you haven’t signed up for the 25 Days of CompetitionX-mas yet, make sure you head over to www.eatsleeprc.com to fill out the form for a chance to win.

SRC7801 SonRC Alloy Reamer

SRC1101-18 SonRC Pro Lead Cable 18″ w/7-Pin Balancer

SRC1005-36 SonRC Pro Nitro/Receiver Battery Lead Cable 36″ w/7-Pin Balancer

SRC1011-18 SonRC Pro Lead Cable 18″ XT60 to 4/5mm Bullet Connector

For more information, please visit: www.sonrc.com

Check out more cool products from SonRC.

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