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Groupon – OCRC Car Rentals – 55% Off

Groupon - OCRC Car Rentals - 55% Off

If you’re uncertain about whether or not you want to get involved in RC, here is a great opportunity to give it a try! OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach has teamed up with Groupon to give you up to 55% off their Rental Car Packages!

This popular gift offers three options: $15 for one remote control car rental package ($25 value), $25 for two remote control car rental packages ($50 value) or$45 for four remote control car rental packages ($100 value). Each driver gets to drive around their own, hobby-grade electric RC Truck for one hour on a meticulously prepared indoor clay track.

I frequent OCRC quite a bit and have been in the hobby shop when the kids (and parents) come in to take advantage of the rentals and have to say I’ve never seen an unhappy face – well, maybe when it’s time for them to leave!

Check out the Groupon as it’s only available for a limited time, and check out the link to the track for more information, times and additional pictures!



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