Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy
Thursday , 2 December 2021

Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy

Performance Parts for Your Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy

Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy

We’re going small for this month’s Hop Up Corner, hooking you up with some cool upgrades for the Losi Mini 8IGHT Buggy. It’s extremely fun in buggy mode, but we’re putting a little twist on it, turning it into a tiny onroad terror! Let’s go!


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyThe suspension on the Mini 8IGHT is quite good. The only real issues I’ve read about are the shocks – the plastic used in the caps and bottom eyelets is pretty weak. Unfortunately, there’s not perfect solution other than to buy and retrofit some other manufacturers shocks. So, instead of doing all that, I’m suggesting a fix that might actually help – installing a set of Losi’s hard-anodized front and rear shock bodies. How might this help, you ask? Well, part of the problem might stem from the stock shocks being worn and causing momentary sticktion when the shocks compress. This action may then place excessive force on the cap or rod end, causing it to fail. So, a new set of premium-bodies will virtually remove that sticktion event by providing some very smooth shock action.


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyLosi’s power program in the Mini 8IGHT is also quite impressive, however the overall ‘feel’ is a little touchy. To boost power and manageability, head to the guys that know a thing or two about speed – Castle Creations. Their new Mamba Micro X system is stellar, with tons of adjustability including throttle curves, brake curves, drag brake and punch control. They also offer a unique tool – the Castle Link. This allows you to modify any of the Micro X’s internals via computer software. The Micro X is waterproof, so there’s not need to fret travelling through water, and the combo is available with either a 4100kV, 5300kV or 8200kV motor! That’s some serious power in a itty bitty buggy!


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyWhen using the stock body, the drivetrain is pretty well protected. It sits snug to the chassis and helps prevent any rocks or debris from sneaking in and tearing things up. Since we’re suggesting a body upgrade, this will remove that ‘protection’ – so I suggest installing a GPM Steel Spur Gear. This spur gear is virtually bulletproof and will keep your Mini 8IGHT screaming along where it’s plastic counterpart might fail. Heck, even if you don’t swap out the body, using this upgraded gear isn’t such a bad idea!


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyThere have been a few bodies that caught my eye as a cool upgrade, but none of them hit me right as the Phat Bodies Ford Escort Mk2. This body is simply bad ass and will completely transform the look and feel of you Losi Mini 8IGHT. Even though it’s all Ford, it does resemble the old Golf body – probably due to the similar styling and paint job. Either way, this body looks amazing and is definitely something you should look at!


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyWhile it’s sometimes frowed upon to cross-pollinate between companies (ie, Losi and Team Associated), both of these companies offer items that will really compliment each other for an upgrade project – that being the actual car and a set of 1:18 scale wheels and tires. Team Associated’s RC18 was a wildly popular car some time ago, and because of that there was a massive amount of aftermarket parts for it. One of the cool things that came out of it was a set of 1:18 scale LPR mounted foam tires. These tires had amazing grip and turned the RC18 into a serious carpet contender. Since we’re dropping this awesome looking Escort body on the Mini 8IGHT, it’s only proper to bolt on a set of awesome road tires.


Hop Up Corner: Losi Mini 8IGHT BuggyWhile this section is usually assigned to additional support parts, we’re calling an audible and highlighting an upgrade part that is all about racing – Exotek’s Carbon Fiber Chassis Plate for the Losi Mini 8IGHT! Yes, this beautiful piece is cut from 2mm thick carbon fiber and includes a 6061 aluminum nose piece with built-in kickup. The chassis is lighter than stock, has the motor area machined to accept larger diameter cans and includes an extra mounting point for shorter, 1800mAh LiPo batteries. It’s a gorgeous piece that certainly completes the final look of this amazing machine.

This is a good example of how bring new life into an older vehicle you may not be using anymore with just a few choice parts, some new found power and a mean onroad stance.

Losi – www.losi.com
Castle Creations – www.castlecreations.com
GPM – www.asiatees.com
Phat Bodies – www.phatbodies.bigcartel.com
Team Associated – www.rc10.com
Exotek – www.exotekracing.com

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