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Hey LRP, Where’s My Reverse?

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Hey LRP, Where's My Reverse?

Hi Doc-
I recently purchased a second hand car with the LRP IPC V6 ESC installed in it. My problem is that there is no reverse on the remote. I replaced the old remote (crystals) with a Turnigy GTX3 2.4GHz remote and receiver and still no response when trying to reverse. I’m lost! Help!


Hi Christo,
LRP’s IPC V6 was a great ESC back in it’s day. It could handle 4-8 cells, had no motor limit and a cool feature called Automatic Start Circuit – a system that allowed you to tweak some settings so you could have a faster response time and more power at the start of a race.

The key word in that last sentence was ‘race’ – yes, this was a race-only ESC, and because of that it only had forward/brake functionality, no reverse. You see, up until this time, reverse is not allowed in sanctioned racing events. This prevents drivers from backing up into oncoming cars in the event of a crash.

So, while you have a great ESC in your car, you’re stuck walking over to it to pull it away from the tree, fence, bush or whatever it is you got stuck on. The other option is to upgrade to brushless – LRP (as well as many other companies) offer great brushless systems that offer reverse as well. I’ve posted some down below for you to give a look at.

Good luck!
The Doc

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