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Motor Turn Question

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Motor Turn Question

Hiya Doc-
I just got back into R/C’s again and recently purchased the Duratrax Evader EXT2.4. I know its not the greatest truck in the world but it will handle a beating and it was priced great. My question is about the motor and ESC. It has a Sprint Waterproof and Photon Speed 2 motor. Its a 20 turn, single-wind motor that just isn’t enough power for me anymore. How do the number of turns relate to power and speed? For example; is an 18 turn more powerful then a 22 turn. Also, do you know what size motor and biggest battery this ESC can handle without blowing it up? I’m on a tight budget but want more speed and power! Thanks!


Hi Matt,
The Duratrax Evader is actually a really good truck. Sure, it might be more of a beginner’s vehicle but, as you said, it’s priced right and does have quite a few high-end features. It does come with a 2.4GHz radio system as well as waterproof electronics; both of these are standard features on most good, entry-level trucks. The tires are great, as well, and it does come with a 1500mAh Onyx NiMh battery! A true RTR right out of the box.

Moving to your question, yes; basically, the lower the number the faster it is. So, in you example, an 18T motor is faster than a 22T motor. The upside is, of course, more power, but this speed does suck alot more juice from the battery. If you were getting 15 minutes of run time on the stock 20T motor, jumping to an 18T (or even hotter motor) is going to cut that time down dramatically. If you do choose a faster motor, you’ll want a better battery as well.

So what will the stock ESC handle? A little research drums up that it can only handle from a 20-27T motor; it appears you’re already at that limit. As far as batteries, it does say it can handle from a 5-7 cell pack, so that might be your first investment. 7-cell NiMh packs are pretty cheap and, if you get one with a lot higher mAh rating, you’ll not only get more power but extended runtime as well.

The next step, when your budget allows, is to just jump into an inexpensive brushless system. You’ll be able to utilize the massive horsepower brushless delivers as well as the use of LiPo batteries. Ballistic Evader anyone?

Good luck.
The Doc

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